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Pots For Progress


Cute pots. Big statements. 

Made-to-order, painted terracotta pots to empower on the daily. 

1. Choose your colour/s
2. Pick a quote from our list of ideas (or come up with your own)
3. Select a size - small, medium or large

We'll create and ship your order (Australia wide) within 3 days. Free shipping, baby!

Need some inspo? Shop our pots.  

It's thyme for equality.

Did you know...

  • Women are the most educated group in the workforce, but struggle to access management roles;
  • The gender pay gap sits at 15.3 per cent, and is rising in some states and industries;
  • Sexual harassment is rising, impacting primarily young women but does not discriminate on income;
  • Great diversity in management and leadership is correlated to better performance;
  • As a CEO, you are more likely to be named Andrew than be female

Source: Gender Equality at Work 2018


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"Your business is 👌."

— @spennyandthecity



So where do the Pots For Progress proceeds go? 

Supporting female-led businesses!

The money raised through Pots For Progress goes to support women running their own businesses. Only 2% of global startup funding goes to female-led businesses. That's not cool. It's also not rapidly shifting. So, in the meantime, we're here give women a boost.

Free shipping Australia-wide // Made to order // Join the fight for equality.